ULAB Announces South Asian Studies Minor

ULAB Announces South Asian Studies Minor

Publish Date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bangladesh’s premier private university offers a 360-degree program aimed at achieving regional expertise with active learning, internship, collaborations and research.

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) is delighted to announce a Minor in South Asian Studies for undergraduate students from the Summer Term commencing May 2023.

ULAB’s Center for South Asian Studies (C-SAS) will shepherd the Minor in South Asian Studies, and offer multiple opportunities for active learning, internships and research to students with the guidance of leading academicians and domain experts.

“This is in keeping with ULAB’s practice of innovation, and evolving with the times,” said Prof. Imran Rahman, Vice-Chancellor of ULAB.

The Minor in South Asian Studies will offer a contemporary and compelling range of courses with a South Asia focus. These include history, international relations, globalization, conflict resolution and climate change. The courses and the bouquet of courses will evolve to keep pace with change and innovation in research and practice.

“The South Asian Studies Minor at ULAB is intended as a gateway to greater knowledge and understanding of this dynamic region of immense and exciting possibilities,” explained Prof. Rahman. Vice-Chancellor of ULAB. “It will prepare the student for a future that is increasingly transdisciplinary.”

Prof. Rahman added that the South Asian Studies Minor complements ULAB’s 360-degree approach to education and opens a crucial new window of learning and opportunity in a networked, multipolar world. It also reaffirms ULAB’s leading position in Bangladesh in the Global Top Innovative Universities of the World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) Ranking 2022. ULAB is the only university in Bangladesh in WURI’s Global Top 100.

A Minor in ULAB’s South Asian Studies program will prepare students for both graduate studies and a career in a wide array of fields such as business, consultancy, foreign policy, regional security, the foreign and administrative services, media, communications, research, advocacy, development, conflict mitigation, and climate change. “The intent of this program is to secure positive futures in South Asia, which is also the mission statement of C-SAS,” said Sudeep Chakravarti, Director, C-SAS, ULAB.

The Minor in South Asian Studies is open to undergraduate students from any department at ULAB. The added benefit for a student who pursues a Minor in South Asian Studies is an opportunity for research, outreach and advocacy internships with C-SAS, several C-SAS partner organizations, and media organizations, think-tanks and NGOs in Bangladesh and, over time, in South Asia.